Weekend Recap

​I am happy to report that the first Road Warrior Weekend for the PNW was a huge success to the entities that were able to attend!

Road Warrior weekend was filled with fun and moments to connect with Brothers across our Region. Representatives from all 5 states (Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, and California) were present.

Huge thanks to the Brothers and Alumni at Beta Gamma Chapter for taking on this huge responsibility. Another special shout-out to Brothers Carlos Gonzales (ARD) and Natan Bartolo (Special Projects) who offered support to the Chapter to make this happen!

DAY 1: Road Warrior Cup

Friday was the kick off to our first day of the weekend, as we finished our Roll Call, Brothers from Beta Gamma Chapter and Board members coordinating conference split our region into groups of four to compete in the first ever Road Warrior Cup. Our Road Warrior Cup comprised of three different challenges: Jeopardy, Obstacle Course, and Dodgeball Tournament. Huge congratulations to our winners!

After the RW Cup, our Brothers spent the afternoon learning some new strolls, taking a dip at the rec center’s pool, or simply relaxing before our evening event…

Kneo’s Presented by the PNW Region!

Beta Gamma Chapter invited the whole region, their alumni, and the Greek community to welcome their NINE (9) new members. The Hype was brought to Cheney and it was overwhelming for sure!

Check out the pics on the right to see how the crowd got hyped to welcome the Kneos to Greekdom and made this a great end to Day 1 of Road Warrior Weekend!

Day 2: Service with the Bros!

The Knights took over Spokane and gave back to the community through three (3) different service events throughout the Spokane area. Our groups were staggered with our Brothers showing up as early as 8am for the first service event, and starting as late as 11am for the last shift.

Each shift had involvement from Brothers across the Region, and they definitely made an impact to the community. Thank you!

End of the Year Banquet

Our End of the Year Banquet celebrated the accomplishments of our Brothers, as individuals and as a collective, in their efforts to make themselves, their entities, and their communities better.

We recognize the efforts being made by all of our entities and thank each individual member for their contributions to spreading the Hype across the PNW! Here are some photos from our Banquet.

About Omega Delta Phi

Omega Delta Phi (www.omegadeltaphi.com) is a service/social fraternity with multicultural membership that aims at graduating its members while giving back to the community. The Fraternity has established itself on over 63 campuses and continues to grow every year. Although established as Hispanic Founded, the Fraternity has traditionally always been open to men of different backgrounds, as demonstrated through its “One Culture, Any Race” philosophy.