Build deep & meaningful bonds of camaraderie, mutual support, & shared values among like minded individuals.

Mental Health.

Fraternity members report higher levels of positive mental health, and less depression or anxiety than unaffiliated members. 1

Career readiness.

Fraternity alumni find jobs more quickly after graduation and are more engaged in the workplace.2

Our Mission

Since its beginning in 1987, Omega Delta Phi has been an organization perpetually dedicated to the idea of constant growth and improvement. As such, we face the new challenges of tomorrow with a growing sense of optimism and newfound awareness that “good” will not be good enough. We must work to form an organization which not only challenges the traditional perception of fraternities, but also one with deals with the issues of culture and race for a completely new perspective. 

One Culture, Any Race.

While other organizations focus on what they have been, Omega Delta Phi focuses on what we are becoming. The men of Omega Delta Phi are founded on the concept that in order to truly grow as an individual, one must experience views which can challenge preconceived perceptions to foster growth and enlightenment. “One Culture, Any Race” is a completely new way of looking at ourselves and the world we live in. A challenge to the closed minded to look beyond what they believe to be true and realize the truth is largely dependent on one’s perspective. “One Culture, Any Race” is a philosophy that suggests the coexistence of various races can be a win-win situation if we are willing to learn from one another. It is an ideal for a new millennium and a new fraternity.