12962637_10204511476626539_795630584_oThe 2016 North Texas Regional Conference took place in Denton, TX at the University of North Texas (AX Chapter). It was held on the weekend of April 1st – April 2nd, and had over 50 actives registered, along with the regional board, and a special appearance by President Tony Pagliocco.

Since the takeover of the new regional board we have made it clear that communication is the key to future success. The workshops were influenced by the feedback of the actives, and we steered clear of the usual recruitment/networking workshops. We started with “ODPHI 101: Who pledged y’all???” to get some friendly competition going. We had a visit from City Year in order to provide another alternative for a post-grad start. Our academics chair, Homero Maldonado, provided a workshop on how to apply for graduate school, and had actual feedback from brothers who have gone through the process. Our finance chair, Arnold Olivarez, gave a run through of chapter debt in order to find a solution to eliminate it. We finally hosted our regional board open forum in which actives most important questions were answered, led to solutions for other questions, and set goals for the region. After sending out a regional conference evaluation to the entities, we were informed that they had little to say about improving the experience, and we hope that this will set the bar for a more successful conference next 12962649_10204511537308056_49546438_oyear.

I would like to give recognition to my regional board members David Chavez and Arnold Olivarez, for their hard work in setting up successful conference, and all the actives that attended. We will continue working hard to bring the region together to become successful, and we plan keep the momentum going in the years to come.

Juan Acosta
North Texas Regional Director